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For all Cadets, Young and Old.
Welcome to the JROTC Universe, a web site for all present and former Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps cadets. Here you will find information and interesting aspects of the JROTC programs. You will also find opinions and ideas from other cadets from other JROTC units.


October 17, 1998 - MCJROTC ranks added, AFJROTC ribbons updated, Unit Directory updated.

September 15, 1998 - The Unit Directory has been updated.

September 10, 1998 - Some people have asked me why exactly if this is the JROTC Universe is there not much information on MCJROTC here. Frankly I don't have the information to give you, and I have looked on the net. If you know of someone with resources for Marine Corps JROTC, please tell me. I'm not leaving them out on purpose.

August 21, 1998 - I'm starting school and will be a bit slower in updating. This is mainly because I have rush and pledging to deal with for the next two months (yes, surprise surprise, the Colonel is a sorority girl).

August 6, 1998 - More schools added to the Unit Directory, welcome to a new school year.

July 6, 1998 - Nine new schools have been added ot the Unit Directory, thanks to Springfield AJROTC for the links. Also, a NROTC chain of command, sentry orders, and manual of arms has been added. The Rank section has been updated, thank you Gumby.

July 5, 1998 - Two new Units have been added to the Unit Directory, AFJROTC NJ-931st and AFJROTC TX-956th

June 9, 1998 - The Unit Directory has been revised and updated. A section on Army, Air Force, and Navy JROTC Ribbons has been added. In addition there is a story in the Cadet Section on the adventures of a NJROTC drill team in a local park.

June 1, 1998 - The Rank section is now colorized and a page describing AFJROTC ribbons was added. The Unit Directory has been updated, if your unit is not currently on it, please inform me by e-mail. I also added a link to the National High School Drill Team Championships, the 3rd US Infantry (Old Guard), and the Army Times. I am looking for contributions for this page, if you have an article on ANYTHING having to do with JROTC, then please contact me. I am also instituting a Web Site design award from the JROTC Universe to outstanding Unit pages. The Awards will come in three classes, Honor, Distinguished, and Merit. The first goes to TX-882nd AFJROTC, and it is in the grade of Honor Site. Other Awards will follow.

May 30, 1998 - Hello, this is my first update of this page, please expect major construction on it for the next few days as I change it to fit my personal sense of estetics in matters of website construction. I have changed the about the webmaster information and will be updating links and going through the page. I would like to thank C/LTC Eduardo Salinas for the wonderful job that he has done so far.

May 29, 1998 - This will be the last time I update this page. It has been really fun working on JROTC Universe and I am happy I met fellow cadets all over the world. I am turning the page over to Katherine M. Keirns (kmk3@MUW.Edu), a former C/COL in Army JROTC. Thanks to everyone else who showed interest. Well, farewell, and have fun! C/LTC Eduardo Salinas, C/O 98.


HISTORY - Learn about the history of the JROTC program.
RESOURCES - Information that is useful to cadets. Everything from Marching to Ranks.
CADETS - Hear from cadets on what they think of the program.
COOL - Things of interest for cadets. Movie reviews, music, anything that is fun.
JROTC UNITS - A list of JROTC units on the WWW.
LINKS - Cool links that are worth looking at.
GUESTBOOK - Come sign in! Tell us what you think.
ABOUT - About this page.

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