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JROTC UNIVERSE was established to give a sense of cummunity between JROTC units on the World Wide Web. Early construction began in November 1997. Right now, the page is growing and being constantly updated to give cadets an up-to-date page. Contributors to this page are JROTC cadets and former cadets.

We need you to contribute. We need cadets or former cadets to write for this web page! We need articles on how to march, rank guides, marching cadences, and related stuff for the RESOURCES page. We need letters, opinions, movie, music and book reviews for our CADETS and COOL PAGES. We need your web addresses to your JROTC webpages. Send your stuff to through E-mail to the Webmaster.


This is important. Do not send anything demeaning, or offensive to JROTC, the United States government, or anyone else. I respect opinion as long as it is expressed in a moderate and responsible way. Nothing with profanity will be tolerated. If you break this rule, I will find you! It isn't very hard.

JROTC Universe Site Awards
The JROTC Universe will now be giving three classes of Website Awards to outstanding JROTC Unit Websites. The Awards will be at the Webmaster's discression, and will be givin in order of precidence, Honor Site, Distinguished Site, and Merit Site. If you want your website considered, write me.

Here is a list of contributors to JROTC Universe.

C/1LT Ryan Aman, Pearland H.S. AJROTC
C/SSgt Dan Harbin, TX-861st AFJROTC
Russ Kinner, Springfield H.S. Army JROTC, Ohio
Edgar Zayas, Balboa High School homepage for inspiration for my page design.
and C/LTC Ed Salinas as the original Webmaster for this page.

I would like to thank the following people that had nothing to do with this page, but inspired me while I was part of the JROTC program: Lieutenant Colonel James M. McCartt, US Army (ret), Director of Army Instruction, Memphis City Schools; Lieutenant Colonel James M. Danley, US Army (ret), Senior Army Instructor, White Station High School; Sergeant Major Herbet Grimes, US Army (ret), Military Instructor, White Station High School; Major Robert C. Youst, US Marine Corps (ret), Naval Instructor, Brewster High School; and C/MAJ Lesley Tschume, C/COL Johnny Feng, C/LTC Mark Pfaffenroth, C/MAJ Jessica Lane, C/MAJ Christy Morton, C/MAJ Kristin Gregory, C/LTC Jonathan Howse, and C/LTC Jessica Cox (if any of you see this and your ending rank was wrong, e-mail me). As well as my sister, former C/LT Carla C. Keirns who's participation in NJROTC at Brewster High School in Brewster, New York, taught me to love this program.

My name is Katherine Keirns, and I am currently a History Major at Mississippi University for Women. I was a member of White Station High School's Spartan Battalion, Memphis, Tennessee. While in the program I was Memphis City Schools Corps G-5 (Public Affairs Officer). I left the JROTC program when I graduated in 1997, and went on to attend the oldest state supported college for women in the country, which is actually coed, but that is another story.

Neither the United States Army, Air Force, Navy, or Marine Corps nor any other component of the Department of Defense has approved, endorsed, orauthorized this product/service/activity.
DOD does not endorse any links, articles, or anything on this page. This page is not official however links to the official sites will be provided.

JROTC Universe is Copyright June 1998 by Cadet Colonel Katherine Keirns.