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Appearance of Cadets

Each cadet will maintain a high standard of dress and appearance. Uniforms will be properly fitted, clean, serviceable, and pressed as necessary. Following is a list of helpful items, not previously mentioned, to ensure each cadet maintains a high state of appearance.

  1. Cadet will ensure that when articles are carried in pockets, i.e., wallets, combs, and keys, these articles do not protrude from the pocket or present a bulky appearance.
  2. Items such as keys and key chains will not be attached to belt loops or belts.
  3. While in uniform, cadets will not place their hands in their pockets except momentarily to retrieve carried objects.
  4. Uniforms will be kept buttoned, zipped, and snapped.
  5. Collar brass and buckle will be kept in proper luster.
  6. Medals and ribbons will be clean and not frayed.
  7. Shoes and boots will be cleaned and shined.
  8. Uniform coat lapels and sleeves will be roll pressed (without creasing).
  9. Female jacket and skirts will not be creased. The skirt is knee length, slightly flared with a waistband and zipper closure on the left side.
  10. Trousers, slacks, and sleeves of shirt and blouses will be creased.
  11. The short sleeve shirt AG 415 (female/male) may be worn with or without a black neck tab/necktie when the shirt is worn as an outer garment or with authorized accessories (black windbreaker or black pullover sweater). When the short sleeve shirt is worn with either the black cardigan or the black pullover sweater without a neck tab/necktie, the collar will be worn outside the sweater. The long sleeve shirt will always be worn with a black neck tab/necktie.
  12. Females may wear sheer stockings. This is not an item of issue, optional purchase by female cadets to be worn with the service uniform.
  13. Female cadets may wear service pumps with service uniform. This is not an item of issue, optional purchase by the cadet. Material for pumps is: Calfskin fine grain or poromeric; patent leather is also authorized. Pumps are untrimmed of commercial design with closed toe and heel. The heel may be from a minimum of l inch to a maximum of 3 inches. The sole thickness will not exceed l/2 inch.
  14. Cadets may wear a wrist watch, a wrist identification bracelet, and not more than two rings while wearing the uniform. Female cadets are authorized optional wear of screw on, clip-on, or post type earrings. Earrings will not be worn with the class C uniform. Earrings will not exceed l/4 inch in diameter. The will be of gold, silver or white pear; unadorned and spherical. Worn snugly against the ear and as a matched pair with only one earring per ear lobe. The bank connecting nonpierced earrings may extend slightly below the ear lobe. Male cadets are not authorized to wear any type of earring with in uniform.